My Holy Orders

Collage and other artwork By Sandra Marcom Carlman

Other Sources Gallery 4

 The collages found in Other Sources Gallery 4 all have religious themes.  They are priced between $200 - $400.

Available in print in either of two sizes, 8"x10" print, matted to fit in an 11" x 14" frame for $35, or 13" x 19" print matted to fit in an 18"x 24" frame for $45.

Cards are also available in sets of 4 (identical) for $12. 






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Abraham's Sacrifice                                            

 "The one who loves us and reassures us was perfectly willing to do exactly what he commanded Abraham to do, although he was not about to permit Abraham to follow through with it."

                                        Bob Lively

                            Waiting for Bluebonnets


After seeing a show of Andy Goldsworthy's work, I was inspired to bring nature into my art work.  I harvested the stems used to create the thicket from our yard, and made a ram with Fimo and cotton wool.  The background of the collage is layers of torn tissue paper with a silver cross painted on it.  The 16"x20" collage comes framed in a shadowbox of light wood.


Available in print and card form only.


God Fills the Gaps                                              $200

"It is God who fills the gaps in my awareness and who miraculously holds my fractured being together."

                                                     Bob Lively

                                    Waiting for Bluebonnets


 This 16"x20" collage uses rice paper as a stencil, a print, and a motif for the fractured self.


 Also available in print and card form.



God Is Present                                                     $250


"Bidden or unbidden, God is present."

                 Carved over Carl Jung's front door


 This collage, measuring 16"x20", uses alcohol inks on an arch-shaped piece of Sheer Heaven paper.  The text in Latin has been printed with bleach.  Thai metallic paper has also been used.



Also available in print and card form.




Faith Breaks A Heart                                         $350



"Faith breaks a heart in order to make it Whole.  If there were no doubt, why would we need faith?  Perhaps the doubts must be acknowledged, accepted, embraced, and pushed past before our faith is strong enough, not just to talk about, but to sustain."

                              Sarah Ban Breathnach

                                   Simple Abundance         



This 16"x20" collage is made from both cut and torn papers.  The cut paper heart was torn apart and then stitched back togehter with a metallic gold thread.


 Also available in print and card form. 




God Has Always Existed                                       $400

"For God has never risen with the dawn, nor climbed with the morning sun.  God has always existed in eternity."

                                     Hildegard of Bingham


 The windows in this 16"x20" collage seem to float over layers of landscape to suggest timelessness or eternity.  The different shades of yellow represent the course of the sun.



Also available in print and card form.


God Is                                                                 $400

"God is . . .

           wholly above, presiding,

           wholly without, embracing,

           wholly within, filling.

                                    Hildebert of Lavardin


 An orderly band of blue papers separated by thin gold bars in this 16"c20" collage represent God, above presiding.  The roughly circular layers of paper suggest God's embrace.  The melange of water photos stands for God's filling.


Also available in print and card form.



The Crucifix                                                      $300

"The crucifix signifies our entry into sacred time and our exit into eternity through the cross of Jesus Christ, our Lord."

                                Lynn C. Bauman

                            The Anglican Rosary

 The focal point of this 16"x20" collage is the white cross, actually a negative space formed by the separation of the layered papers.  The collage is completely two-dimensional, but the colors and their placement give a feeling of deep space.



Also available in print and card form.



Deep Peace of Christ                                           $300



"Deep peace of Christ, the light of the world, to you."

                                                       Celtic Blessing

 The layered blue papers are meant to suggest the depth of Christ's peace.  The continents have been given gold Prismacolor highlights as if the cross were being reflected on them.  In the original collage the text is lettered by hand.


Also available in print and card form.


He Has No Hands But Ours                                  $300


"He has no hands but ours."



 In cleaning my studio and sorting through my collection of papers, I found this assortment of hands, both positive and negative.  The cleaning was halted until I had arranged and pasted the hands to make this collage.  The text is written with bleach, yielding variations in its color.


Also available in print and card form.



The Most Beautiful Art Form                               $300

"The most beautiful art form is the art of forgiveness."

                                         David Robinson

                                      The Family Cloister 




 Pieces of cut paper crosses converge in the subtly layered gold cross at the middle of the composition.  The heart in the gold cross signifies forgiveness.  The collage is 16"x20".  The text in the collage is lettered by hand.


Also available in print and card form.



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