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Collage and other artwork By Sandra Marcom Carlman

Other Sources Gallery 3

 The theme of the collages in this gallery is Music.  The collages range in price from $250 to $400.  Available in print in either of two sizes, 8"x10" print, matted to fit in an 11" x 14" frame for $35, or 13" x 19" print matted to fit in an 18"x 24" frame for $45.

Cards are also available  in sets of 4 (identical) for $12.


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The Concerto of Real Life                                   $350

"The concerto of Real Life is playing: delight with thanksgiving in the major and minor chords of its beautiful refrain." 

                             Sarah Ban Breathnach

                                   Simple Abundance

In selecting the small squares of color for the background, I looked for bright majors and dull or muted minors, and then worked out the exact placement for each piece.  I cut out the conductor from original manuscript of the composer Donald Grantham.  The shadows are done with Prismacolors.  The collage is 16"x20".


Also available in print and card form.



Color Is the Keyboard                                          $350

"Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings.  The artist is the hand which plays, touching one key or another to cause vibrations in the soul."

                      Wassily Kandinsky


The black background paper is flecked with tiny pieces and strings of silver and gold, suggestive of the cosmos.  Colored papers of many types were chosen and arranged to form the keys.  Prismacolors were used to improve the suble differences in color and value.  The gold wavy lines are cut paper.  The collage measures 20"x16".



Hadst Thou Given Me A Better Voice                   $350

"Hadst Thou given me a better voice, I would have praised Thee with a better voice.  Now what my music wants in sweetness let it have in sense -- singing praises with my understanding.

"Yea, Lord, create in me a new heart, therein to make melody, and I will be contented with my old voice until in Thy due time, being admitted unto the choir of heaven, I have another, more harmonious, bestowed upon me."

                                         Thomas Fuller

This 16"x20" collage uses layers of rice papers and vellum for an etherial quality.  Original manuscript from composer Donald Grantham is used for the faces in the angelic qhoir, as well as the form of the chorister whose words make up the text.


Also available in print and card form.



The One Who Sings                                            $250


"The one who sings, prays twice."

                                               St. Augustine


Three figures lift their hands in song or prayer.  The background is a page of manuscript from composer Donald Grantham, with some additions of metallic tissue.  Peeking from behind the page of manuscript are four thin rectangles, arranged to suggest a cross.

In the original 16"x20" collage, the text is lettered by hand.


Also available in print and card form.




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